Refurbished vs. New Cell Phones: What's the Difference?

  • David Steele
Refurbished vs. New Cell Phones: What's the Difference?

Are you interested in upgrading from your current smartphone? There are too many options out there to count, and the smartphone market is flooded with phones that all look and function pretty much the same for varying prices. This is when buying refurbished just makes sense – for both your wallet and peace of mind. Today, let’s explore some key differences between buying refurbished and new cell phones.

Value (and Lots of it!)

The main reason people around the world are buying refurbished recent-model smartphones is due to a spike in retail prices in the past few years. Walking into a shop and choosing a brand-new phone can now cost thousands instead of hundreds. With devices such as iPhones where storage sizes can’t be expanded with Micro SD cards, it can cost even more if you need a higher-capacity unit. On the flip side, buying refurbished means getting a recent model in great shape at a price that doesn’t make your eyes water.

You Get Only What You Need, no Gimmicks

Are you obsessed with the latest features on the sleek, shiny new smartphones being advertised? Take a moment and consider whether you’ll actually use them and if it’s worth the higher price. Not everyone needs triple-camera setups, facial recognition and crazy-futuristic screen technology, and it’s a good idea to jot down a list of what you use your phone for most and build out a list of devices that offer these features. In doing so, you may be surprised that buying a refurbished, slightly older model for much less may not involve any sacrifices.

No Pretty Packaging (and That’s Okay!)

We all love that feeling when unboxing a brand-new tech toy – remember when you bought your first iPhone or laptop? However, one thing many of us don’t realize is that we’re paying quite a bit extra for that experience when in reality, it’s only a temporary thrill and doesn’t make the device itself any better. That said, refurbished phones obviously don’t come with their sleek, pretty packaging and there isn’t that “brand new car” sensation, but consider this; if you place your refurbished device beside a new one of the same model without the box and included accessories, can you really tell the difference?

You’re Not Going to “Get a Lemon”

Remember when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices were posing safety risks and there was a massive recall? Or, have you ever seen someone buy a brand-new device only to encounter quality control issues right out of the box (recent-generation ThinkPad laptops come to mind)? Simply put, no manufacturer is perfect, no matter how they market themselves. Mistakes happen, and that’s okay if they help you out! The good thing about buying refurbished, however, is that your device will have been used by someone else already – this can sound uncomfortable, but it means any defects or issues would have more likely been addressed beforehand. In addition, refurbished phone sellers like EverydayPhone offer more peace of mind thanks to in-advance repairs and replacements of worn-out or damaged components. We leave nothing to chance!

In the end, the only differences between an expertly refurbished and brand-new smartphone are whether it comes in a pretty box, if it has had a previous owner, and what the price is. Otherwise, it can be hard to differentiate between the two. For instance, buying a device from us at EverydayPhone is made stress-free due to the fact that our technicians replace and repair all worn-out or damaged parts. We ensure your new-to-you phone is in like-new condition depending on grade, and we aren’t afraid to offer it at a great price. Avoid sticker shock and get a reliable device by ordering online with us today!


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